Yerba-mate (Ilex Paraguariensis)

Very traditional in the South and West Central regions of Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay, Yerba Mate has its origin in the south of the continent and is used in energetic drinks since before the America colonization period, particularly by Guarani Indians of the area where currently Asuncion, capital of Paraguay, is located.

Yerba Mate is well known by its energetic and stimulating power, but it has several properties. It helps in the reduction of the “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and increase of the “good” one (HDL), in the prevention of cardiac diseases, in the metabolic balance and in the digestion process. These are Yerba Mate major benefits.

Yerba Mate dry extracts may be used in the beverage and food industries and for nutritional supplements.

Blue Macaw Flora standardizes mate herb extract under several levels of caffeine.

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