Much consumed in Brazil and the world for its nutritional and energetic properties, yerba mate is popularly known for its use in the manufacture of teas. However, with a view to the growing demand of the natural products market, the plant has been increasingly used in the food and beverage industry in a wide variety of products.

The yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) is a native plant of the subtropical region of South America, which is widely found in the southern region of Brazil, especially in the states of Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, where it is commonly used in chimarrão, a Brazilian drink originating from indigenous cultures.

But in addition to teas and the traditional chimarrão, the yerba mate has become a raw material for the development of several other products in the food and beverage industry, where it serves as the basis for the production of jams, breads, cakes, puddings, desserts and juices.

Several industries in the segment have also used mate as a natural dye and food preservative, due to the concentration of chlorophyll and essential oils of the plant.

In the cosmetics segment, items such as shampoos, conditioners, soaps and moisturizers for the skin can be found in matt grass versions. Being the plant rich in polyphenols, a kind of natural antioxidant, also helps reduce premature aging, so it is very used in the composition of anti-wrinkle products and sunscreen.

In the pharmaceutical area, mate is often used in obesity-related products, since it provides effects such as reduced appetite, increased thermogenesis, and cholesterol control.

As mate also contains a high level of caffeine, the plant still serves as a raw material for the supplement industry, especially for the manufacture of energy.

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How yerba mate comes to industry

bmf yerba mateGenerally, the yerba mate is supplied to the food and beverage industry in the form of dry (powder) extracts.  Here at Blue Macaw Flora, dried extracts of mate are obtained through a technique known as spray drying, which allows the removal of water from the plant, keeping the quality of the residue dry and ensuring greater durability of the product.

Another advantage of using spray drying is that the process not only preserves the nutritional values of the products obtained but also enhances them, making them ideal for the food, beverage and other industries.

In the case of the yerba mate, the spray drying process ensures the maintenance of nutrients such as zinc, potassium, in addition to vitamins C, B1 and B2. In this way, benefits such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects are also transferred to the final products.

In addition, to better suit the needs of each customer, Blue Macaw Flora also offers the dried extract of yerba mate at different levels of caffeine. To learn more, contact us and see more about this and other types of dry extracts.

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