Blue Macaw Flora

Founded on August 2007, Blue Macaw Flora is a company operating in the manufacturing, development and worldwide trading of natural ingredients derived from the Brazilian flora.

The company offers herbal dry extracts, dehydrated pulps (powder) and dry fruit bits (Frootiva), manufactured under international quality standards in order to meet The Food & Beverage and dietary supplements industries demands.

Blue Macaw supplies to different types of companies and uses its market and business expertise to offer flexibility, customizing products according to each customer’s needs, in addition to creating ways to transform new ideas into successful products. One of the company’s pillars is the solid and long lasting relationship with its customers, understanding that the best way to success is the mutual cooperation and respect.

The company pursues constant improvement, counts with the most recent technologies for processing products and is always expanding its boundaries. To do so, the company is in the process of getting certified with IFS Global Markets, a certification recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

A little bit of history

A Blue Macaw Flora is a young company which nourishes great passion for nature and biodiversity and believes in the power of the Brazilian flora as a source of several health benefits. Thus, the company’s mission is to provide the global market with the best natural ingredients from the Brazilian biodiversity in a sustainable manner.
To make this dream true, the partners and founders of the company, Ana Tovazi and Marina Salama, left behind their successful careers in multinational companies, used their market expertise and concentrated all their efforts in the foundation of Blue Macaw Flora.

And, to do so, they focused in two major factors. The first one was the access to one of the largest and richest biodiversities in the world, with a huge offer of plants and fruits with great potential of application in one of the highest growing health and wellness market segment. The second factor was the location of the company. Blue Macaw Flora is located in Mauá on the great metropolitan area of São Paulo, considered the largest economic and industrial Center in South America. Mauá has privileged logistics, since the region has easy access to Santos port, Guarulhos airport and an extensive road network. These factors, aligned to the partner’s market expertise and entrepreneurial view, created an important competitive differential to Blue Macaw Flora both in the domestic and international market.

Blue Macaw

Blue Macaw is the typical bird of the central region in the country and an important symbol of the Brazilian biodiversity.

Blue Macaw Flora represents this rich and unique biodiversity located in Brazil and is bounded to the company’s mission to provide the world with original and exclusive products of such biodiversity, from liable and sustainable practices. Whenever there is a demand for Brazilian flora exclusive products that respect the environment and fair trade practices, the name Blue Macaw Flora shall be reference.