Market researches indicate a greater concern of Brazilians in consuming healthy products. Therefore, natural ingredients in food have been increasingly valued in the development processes of large industries.

Brazil already ranks fifth in the ranking of healthy food and beverage sales. According to a study by the Euromonitor International research agency, between 2009 and 2014, the health food market grew by 98% in the country.

In general, the population has been increasingly aware that maintaining a healthy diet is a key factor for longevity and quality of life.

To manufacture products with this healthy appeal, industries have sought to use natural ingredients in foods such as plants, herbs and fruits, which can be used in natura, powdered or dehydrated in the manufacturing process.

With 100% natural inputs, companies can create innovative and healthy products, gluten free, preservatives, colorings, no added sugar and no genetically modified organisms.

Natural ingredients in food: how to use?

When we talk about natural ingredients in food, we are referring mainly to dried extracts, dehydrated fruit pulps and fruit pellets.

Powders of plants and fruits, also called dry extracts, can be used in the manufacture of various products such as dietary supplements, jellies, breads, cakes, puddings, desserts, juices and teas.

At Blue Macaw Flora, a company that develops and markets dry extracts typical of Brazilian plants and fruits; there is a full range of flavors, from traditional guarana, acai and yerba mate to other more “exotic”, like catuaba and muirapuama.

It is worth remembering that the main benefit of dry extracts is precisely to maintain the original properties of fruits and plants, such as aroma, color, flavor and energy values. Hence, they become a great choice among the natural ingredients in food.

Another natural ingredient widely used in the food industry is the fruit granulates, which are generally applied in products such as granola, mix of nuts, breads, cookies, cereal bars, desserts, among others.

The Blue Macaw Flora granulates are made with crunchy pieces of dehydrated apple topped with various other fruit powders, such as acai, cupuacu, passion fruit, banana, lemon and the latest flavor of plum.

It was noted that the application of natural ingredients in food can be done in both new products and to enhance existing items. A line of tea, for example, can gain a new flavor of acai; a traditional portfolio of cakes can win a version with banana granules with cinnamon!

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