Blue Macaw Flora is a company committed with its products quality and food safety.

Every raw material used is carefully selected from its origin, cultivation, processing, packaging, storage, transport and is assessed throughout the entire manufacturing process, ensuring traceability.

In order to reach this purpose, we develop and continuously improve our practices and procedures which define our quality policy. Our products are delivered with certificate of analysis, do not contain artificial addictives, follow strict microbiological specifications and are controlled against the presence of specific contaminants. We offer non irradiated products, free from genetically modified organisms (GMO free), free from allergens such as gluten and lactose, among others.

The quality and food safety procedures follow international guidelines ensuring reliability to our customers. We are prepared to help our customers with special requirements, supplying extra information on processes, trial samples, specifications and other technical information.

Blue Macaw Flora team is always trying to exceed customer expectations, considering each demand as unique. Every sales order is fostered carefully in order to meet all customers’ expectations and needs.

Our company is certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). See the certificate.