In search of a different granulate and innovative, Blue Macaw Flora increases its portfolio of food ingredients with the release of crunchy dehydrated prunus domestica or plum fruit granulate!

This different fruit granulate is made from crunchy pieces of dehydrated apple topped with prunus domestica or plum powder. It is a delight if consumed with an acai in the bowl, like topping of yogurt or even pure, like snack.

Like the other flavors of the crisp granulate line, the product is used by food and beverage industries or sold as a fruit snack, in individual packaging, in the model for own brand.

In the case of the food industry, the plum granulate can be applied in the manufacture of cookies, cereal bars, granolas, yogurt toppings, breads, cakes and desserts in general.

The differential of the Blue Macaw Flora granulate line is that the product is naturally healthy, with no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners and no dyes.

For being 0% cholesterol, 0% trans fat, 0% gluten and 0% lactose, the line is perfect for the development of natural products, for those who have food restrictions or simply want to stay healthy.

Why use a different granulate like prunus domestica in the food industry?

Also called prunus domestica, the plum has its probable origin in China, but is cultivated in many other places in the world.

This different crunchy granulate is a great choice when it comes to food ingredients for the industry, especially because of its nutritional characteristics. Rich in mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, contains vitamins A, K and B complex and good amount of fiber.

All these properties make plum a very recommended food in the prevention of skin problems, rheumatism and even diabetes. The consumption of the prunus domestica is also indicated to combat constipation, since it has a high laxative power. Be sure to prove it with a beautiful acai in the well-generated cup!

Due to all this nutritional power, Blue Macaw Flora incorporated more of this fruit into its already known line of dehydrated fruit granulates, which has the traditional flavors of acai, passion fruit and cupuaçu, and the recent releases of banana and lemon.

Regarding the use of food ingredients for the industry, Blue Macaw Flora is one of the strong names in the market, always looking for innovative products to supply food and beverage industries in Brazil and in countries such as the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Korea and many others.

To know more about this different fruit granulate flavor prunus domestica or plum, as well as all other food ingredients and products of Blue Macaw Flora, just contact us.

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