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Blue Macaw Flora was born from a dream of approaching the public to the wealth of the Brazilian flora on a liable and sustainable manner.

Thus, applying the most recent technologies available in the market and and quality control, the company provides the Brazilian market and, mainly the international market, with plants extracts, dehydrated fruit pulps (powdered fruit), both obtained through atomization procedure (spray drying)

Spray Drying or atomization is a technique that transforms liquid solutions into dry powders. The drying technique by spray drying has been widely applied in the production of dry extracts with better technological features and higher content of active substances. The process consists of atomization of the fluid solution on a drying chamber on which the droplets go through a warm air flow. The heat and mass transference during the drying process occurs in a very fast way between the air and steam films which stay around each droplet under saturation temperature. This technique, subsequently, is appropriate for heat sensitive products, preserving its essential features.

This type of drying procedure is widely used in the food industry, is common for the production of powder milk, instant coffee and powder juices and in the production of active components in the pharmaceutical and phytotherapic industries. Spray drying is ideal for cases where the final product should respect a high specific and reproducible pattern of quality regarding the particles sizes, morphology, percentage of residual moisture, density and other parameters.

and also a line of dry fruit bits – Frootiva – ready for consumption or use in different industrial applications.

Dry extracts are directed for the food and beverage end dietary supplements industries, serving as raw material for several products of our daily routine. Due to the used techniques, the nutritional properties are preserved and even powered.
Dehydrated fruits pulps, also known as fruit powder, are the pulps of the fruits transformed into powder, holding both their physicochemical features, such as color, flavor and bouquet, and their nutritional properties. Thus, like the dry extracts, the pulps are used as base for several products in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries.
Frootiva is a product developed, manufactured and marketed by Blue Macaw Flora and represents an innovation in fruit application possibilities. It is made from dehydrated apple cubes that receive a crispy cover of Brazilian fruits. Within the Frootiva line, there is a wide range of products ready for final consumption, but also largely used as ingredients in the preparation of other products.

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