Muirapuama (Ptycopetalum Olacoides)

Muirapuama is a medicinal plant native from Brazilian Amazon Forest and popularly known as a powerful natural aphrodisiac and is used to improve sexual dysfunctions. In the traditional medicine it may also be used as tonic in the fight against nervous disorders, depression and helps to improve neuralgia and blood circulation. Muirapuama also acts in the treatment of anemia, to improve stress, fatigue, against diarrhea and other intestinal disorders, in the fight against cellulite and helps to smooth menopause discomforts and menstrual colic.

Muirapuama is usually combined with other herbs, such as Catuaba, Guarana and Pfaffia, intensifying its properties and effects. Its extract is used in the food and beverage industries, as an ingredient for energetic drinks, as as a nutritional supplement (in capsules or compressed).

Blue Macaw Flora makes available Muirapuama tannins standardized dry extracts.

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