Frootiva Products

Frootiva is a line of fruit products developed and marketed by Blue Macaw Flora. It is composed by different flavors of fruit bits produced from a dehydrated apple base, covered by a crispy layer of fruit and resulting in a ready to apply product both for industry use or for retail.

Currently, Frootiva is available as a retail brand around Brazil and is also exported to several countries. It can also be found at There are several versions available as: Conventional (açaí, passion fruit and cupuaçu) – containing organic sugar; Zero Added Sugar (açaí, passion fruti and cupuaçu); Açaí and chocolate 55% cocoa and Chia added versions (passion fruit and açaí).

Frootiva is a healthy food, 100% natural, without addiction of coloring agents or artificial flavors or preservatives, 0% cholesterol, 0% trans fat, 0% gluten, 0% lactose, very low sodium content. So, it is considered a healthy snack, perfect for people who are food restrictive, as well as for those who want to keep a healthy nutrition and keep fit. Frootiva is also ideal for athletes, either professional or hobbyist, as energy replacement.

The product is also widely used as ingredient in recipes, as a topping for salads, desserts and similar. It may be commercialized to the final consumer in individual packages, in Topping packages to the foodservice market, such as restaurants, hotels, ice cream parlors or even to the food industry, sold in bulk, for production of new products such as energetic bars, müsli, cookies and others.

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