Dry Extracts

A Blue Macaw Flora comercializa extratos secos de plantas e frutas da flora brasileira.

Also named powder extracts, these are obtained from standardized extraction procedures in accordance with the provisions on the Brazilian Pharmacopeia and dried by atomization process (spray drying)

Spray Drying or atomization is a technique that transforms liquid solutions into dry powders. The drying technique by spray drying has been widely applied in the production of dry extracts with better technological features and higher content of active substances. The process consists of atomization of the fluid solution on a drying chamber on which the droplets go through a warm air flow. The heat and mass transference during the drying process occurs in a very fast way between the air and steam films which stay around each droplet under saturation temperature. This technique, subsequently, is appropriate for heat sensitive products, preserving its essential features.

This type of drying procedure is widely used in the food industry, is common for the production of powder milk, instant coffee and powder juices and in the production of active components in the pharmaceutical and phytotherapic industries. Spray drying is ideal for cases where the final product should respect a high specific and reproducible pattern of quality regarding the particles sizes, morphology, percentage of residual moisture, density and other parameters.

which allows moisture removal maintaining the quality of the dried residue and ensuring the product a longer shelf life.

Another advantage in using spray drying is that the procedure not only preserves the nutritional value of the final product but also strengthen them, making it ideal for food, beverage, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic industries.

The dry extracts commercialized by Blue Macaw Flora are obtained from raw materials obtained from certified suppliers and follows a rigorous process of standardization which ensures traceability and good environmental practices. In addition to that, the products are delivered with certificate of analysis including physical chemical parameters, active ingredients analysis microbiology. Some specific contaminants as pesticides, heavy metals and aflatoxins may be included on demand. Thus, the products meet the food safety standards and international regulations.

Blue Macaw Flora also makes available its extracts standardized in different levels of active ingredients concentrations according to the customer’s needs.

We offer the following dry extracts:

• Açaí (Euterpe Oleracea)
• Acerola (Malpighia glabra)
• CamuCamu (Myrciaria dubia)
• Catuaba (Trichilia catigua)
• Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis)
• Guarana (Paulinnia Cupana)
• Muirapuama (Ptychopetalum olacoides)

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