Catuaba (Trichilia Catigua)

Catuaba is a plant found in several regions of Brazil and famous for its aphrodisiac properties. It is traditionally used to invigorate, balance and calm the central nervous system and as general body tonic. It is also used to improve man and women sexual function being the most popular natural aphrodisiac in Brazil and is subject matter of studies in Europe and in the United States. Besides being aphrodisiac, the fruit is attributed also antioxidant, anxiolytic, antimicrobial, diuretic, stimulating, expectorant and vasodilator properties. In the traditional medicine it is indicated for people who suffer from bronchitis, neurasthenia, insomnia, depression, excessive nervousness, fatigue, mental and physical stress, lack of focus memory deficiency.

The fruit is commonly used combined with Muirapuama in order to maximize its aphrodisiac properties. It may also be combined with Yerba Mate strengthening its effect as sexual stimulating.

Catuaba is used in the food and beverage industries, and as nutritional supplement. Blue Macaw Flora makes available tannins standardized catuaba dry extracts.

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