The use of yerba mate in the food industry

Much consumed in Brazil and the world for its nutritional and energetic properties, yerba mate is popularly known for its use in the manufacture of teas. However, with a view to the growing demand of the natural products market, the plant has been increasingly used in the food and beverage industry in a wide variety [...]

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Know the benefits of powdered acai

Acai has become popular in Brazil and has been gaining more and more space worldwide, exporting to several countries. What not everyone knows is that the fruit, popularly consumed in cream, can also be marketed in another way: it is the powdered acai, with numerous applications in the food, beverage and supplements industries. Typically Brazilian, [...]

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New crispy fruit lemon

Always recommended in diets, the natural products can be inserted in the menu of the most varied forms. One of them is the crispy fruit, widely used by industries worldwide to manufacture snacks, cookies, cereal bars, among other items. In order to meet this demand of the segment, Blue Macaw Flora increases the portfolio of [...]

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Benefits of GMO Free Products

With the great demand for food, many of the producers end up using the so-called Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), also known as transgenic. The preference for this type of food is due to the greater resistance to the pests in the plantation, which reduces the expenses in the planting and consequently increases the profits of [...]

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4 Different ways to include dried fruits in the menu

The insertion of dried fruits in the menu is a tradition in festive periods, such as Christmas. Not so common, but extremely positive, is to add such fruits in the diet throughout the year. The possibilities are as varied as the health benefits. Dried fruits are largely rich in B vitamins which assist the functioning [...]

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Launch: 100% natural dehydrated banana granulate

Who doesn’t appreciate banana? The most popular Brazilian fruit is almost unanimity all over the world. For this reason, Blue Macaw Flora responded to the request of its clients and launches in the market another innovative ingredient: 100% natural dehydrated banana granulate. Made with dehydrated apple base, concentrate apple juice, the ingredient is covered with banana [...]

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Natural products from the Brazilian Amazon Forest are success abroad

  With a broad variety of ingredients, such as seeds, fruits and oil seeds, the natural products from the Brazilian Amazon forest have gained a bigger spot on the international market in the last few years. A prove is the raise on searching for Brazilian items like acai, cupuaçu, and castanha-do-pará (pará nuts) by countries [...]

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Demand of Millenials for healthy natural products grows

Brazil is a young country, with about 30% of population between 18 and 34 year old, these also known as millenials. And when we talk about feeding habits, it is interesting to notice that the tendency of consumption of healthy natural products or sustainable foods is bigger than the previous generation. The concern with health and [...]

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