Camu Camu (Myrciaria Dubia H.B.K)

This small fruit, coming from the center of Amazon, is known as the largest natural source of C vitamin in the world having more than 100 times of the content found in oranges, for instance. As a new superfruit, Camu Camu has conquered more and more people in Brazil and abroad.

It offers several benefits, from which we may highlight the contribution to stregthten the immunological system, improvement of brain functions and the increase of white cells production. The fruit also has detox and anti-inflammatory functions and stimulates cardiac, respiratory and blood systems. Camu Camu also helps to improve humor and cognitive balance and, subsequently, acts in the prevention of depression.

Camucamu is usually used as powder and is mixed with other fruits in the food and beverage industries, as ingredient for juices, ice creams, sweets, energetic drinks, cereal bars, yogurts and as dietary supplements, encapsulated or compressed.

Blue Macaw Flora commercializes Camu Camu extracts standardized in different levels of vitamin C.

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