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Blue Macaw Flora is a company operating in the manufacturing, development and worldwide trading of natural ingredients derived from the Brazilian flora.

4 Different ways to include dry fruits in the menu

The insertion of dry fruits in the menu is a tradition in festive periods, such as Christmas. Not so common, but extremely positive, is to add such fruits in the diet throughout the year. The possibilities are as varied as the health benefits. Dry fruits are largely rich in B vitamins which assist the functioning [...]

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Launch: 100% natural dehydrated banana granulate

Who doesn’t appreciate banana? The most popular Brazilian fruit is almost unanimity all over the world. For this reason, Blue Macaw Flora responded to the request of its clients and launches in the market another innovative ingredient: 100% natural dehydrated banana granulate. Made with dehydrated apple base, concentrate apple juice, the ingredient is covered with banana [...]

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Natural products from the Brazilian Amazon Forest are success abroad

  With a broad variety of ingredients, such as seeds, fruits and oil seeds, the natural products from the Brazilian Amazon forest have gained a bigger spot on the international market in the last few years. A prove is the raise on searching for Brazilian items like acai, cupuaçu, and castanha-do-pará (pará nuts) by countries [...]

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Demand of Millenials for healthy natural products grows

Brazil is a young country, with about 30% of population between 18 and 34 year old, these also known as millenials. And when we talk about feeding habits, it is interesting to notice that the tendency of consumption of healthy natural products or sustainable foods is bigger than the previous generation. The concern with health and [...]

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Healthy snack Frootiva now is private label

The cost to develop a product, to patent it, manufacture with quality and structure it to the market is quite high. That’s the reason why many companies come to the Private Label model, which means, they hire a manufacturer to produce merchandise that will be traded with their brand. Blue Macaw Flora is one example [...]

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