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Blue Macaw Flora is a company operating in the manufacturing, development and worldwide trading of natural ingredients derived from the Brazilian flora.

Wellness products: far beyond food

Researches over the years have shown that people are increasingly worried about changing their ways of life. Through the day-to-day rush, it is necessary to find wellness products and time to rest, recharge and share special moments with friends and family. Fortunately, companies are more attentive to the behavior of their consumers, identify the changes [...]

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Adding wellness products to your company portfolio

The concern of the population with health and quality of life is increasing, and there is infinity of opportunities for companies that wish to explore this niche. In this article, we'll look at how to add well-being products focused on natural ingredients in your brand portfolio. Just to confirm the growth trend of the well-being [...]

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Use of natural ingredients in food

Market researches indicate a greater concern of Brazilians in consuming healthy products. Therefore, natural ingredients in food have been increasingly valued in the development processes of large industries. Brazil already ranks fifth in the ranking of healthy food and beverage sales. According to a study by the Euromonitor International research agency, between 2009 and 2014, [...]

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Product development partnership

Launching innovative ideas in the healthy food market is not the simplest thing to do, but it can become an easier process if the company has a product development partnership. First, launch an innovative product with healthy appeal, 100% natural, colorless, preservative free and genetically modified (GMO free) is really a huge challenge. That is [...]

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How to use Banana powder?

Listing the benefits of banana to health is almost redundant. Consumed in up to 7 million tons per year in Brazil alone, according to IBGE, the fruit is popular worldwide. In this article, we will see another possibility of commercialization of the product: banana powder, widely used in the food industry. In addition to the [...]

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How to find suppliers of raw material for natural products?

Those who are interested in the natural products market have a challenge that can sometimes be very difficult: finding suppliers of raw material that meet the specific needs of each one, on time and with high quality. When we talk about natural products, the supply can be for various industries, from cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles to [...]

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The growth of private label products in the food market

The products with private label have been consolidating in the Brazilian market and also worldwide. A survey presented by Kantar Worldpanel indicates that the number of households in Brazil where some private label reached 32.6 million in the last year, which shows a growth of 45% compared to the data presented in the previous six [...]

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Innovative food ingredients: Prunus Domestica or plum granulate

In search of a different granulate and innovative, Blue Macaw Flora increases its portfolio of food ingredients with the release of crunchy dehydrated prunus domestica or plum fruit granulate! This different fruit granulate is made from crunchy pieces of dehydrated apple topped with prunus domestica or plum powder. It is a delight if consumed with [...]

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The use of yerba mate in the food industry

Much consumed in Brazil and the world for its nutritional and energetic properties, yerba mate is popularly known for its use in the manufacture of teas. However, with a view to the growing demand of the natural products market, the plant has been increasingly used in the food and beverage industry in a wide variety [...]

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Know the benefits of powdered acai

Acai has become popular in Brazil and has been gaining more and more space worldwide, exporting to several countries. What not everyone knows is that the fruit, popularly consumed in cream, can also be marketed in another way: it is the powdered acai, with numerous applications in the food, beverage and supplements industries. Typically Brazilian, [...]

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