Açaí (Euterpe Oleracea)

Considered the Brazilian superfruit, açaí is a versatile fruit and is commonly consumed by people who search for a healthy and energetic nutrition options. Its most traditional way of consumption in Brazil is the Açaí bowl (similar to an ice cream), but it we offer it in powder, dehydrated, to be used as ingredient in the food and beverage, and nutritional supplement industries.

The fruit contains lipids, polyphenols, flavonoids, complex B vitamins, vitamin E, fibers and anthocianyn (natural antioxidant). In traditional medicine it is considered to offer several benefits to our health, from the prevention of some cancer variants, to the skin and hair restoration; it also reduces cholesterol index, has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory actions, helps in the loss of weigh and also helps the heart and the immunological system health.

This Brazilian super fruit, besides being popularly consumed as a cool cream, is also widely used as raw material for food and beverage industries, in dietary supplements, energetic drinks, multi vitamin complexes and so on.

Açaí extracts commercialized by Blue Macaw Flora are standardized in different contents of polyphenols.

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  • Açai-pulp
  • Açai-pulp
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